Pureclean Car Care

Pureclean Car Care

Sector: Automotive
Deal: Exit

Sale of Pureclean Car Care to vehicle cleaning specialist, LPW Group

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Pureclean Care Care

WilliamsAli Corporate Finance successfully supported Paul Iley, founder of Pureclean Car Care, to sell his business to vehicle cleaning specialist, LPW Group.

Founded in 2008 by Paul Iley, Pureclean Car Care enjoyed strong growth year-on-year, specialising in providing valeting and commercial cleaning services to a variety of clients, including dealerships and blue-chip brands including Vertu, Lookers and Sytner.

Working alongside Paul, WilliamsAli identified vehicle cleaning specialist LPW Group as a potential acquirer and supported the deal to a successful conclusion.

LPW Group will add the company to its growing portfolio, which includes the likes of LPW Tankwash, LPW Truckwash, Mobile Fleetwash, LPW Fleetcare, LPW Fleetsales, Carlyle Limited and Wilson Contract Services.

When speaking of WilliamsAli, Paul advised,

“Abu and his team are very focused and experts in delivering.  I’m a guy that like things done yesterday….and always emailing and messaging Abu late at night. His response was outstanding to say the least. He delivered a top-class service.

I would not recommend anyone else other than Abu and his fantastic team. Abu and team deserve a gold medal for their focus, passion, inspiration. Thank you for all your hard work”

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