A North Tyneside-based sports tech firm is eyeing further growth after securing a six-figure investment.

Okkulo has created a system using vision and light science to help improve reaction times in athletes of all levels, with the business having secured investment through debt and equity fundraising.

The firm recently opened its first academy at the Blue Flames sports centre in Benton for use by professionals and local people alike.

Okkulo has also created a board of North East entrepreneurs to help oversee its growth, including Owen McFarlane, former chief executive of CAV Aerospace, Peter Atkinson from Teesside Industrial Controls, and Abu Ali, a partner in Williams Ali Corporate Finance.

Founder Mel O’Connor said: “Players and clubs around the world are contacting us on the strength of the reputation we’ve created in a really short time, backed up by evidence-based statistics and data which demonstrate the difference that can be made in even one session with us.

“We’ve been working with internationally known names who want to use Okkulo to be the best they can possibly be, and that’s what we can help them achieve.”

Ali added: “By securing this investment, Okkulo has even more capability to get out there and ensure it fulfills its potential to make the huge impact on the world of sport we know it can.”

Article Source: Insider Media